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Enjoy the picturesque splendor of the snowy rural landscape and beautiful trails.

Our countryside farm features rolling hills, mature trees, Christmas lights display, two acre lake, a winding stream, and more. Surrounded by several hundred acres of farm land and several forests. The route is a lively, scenic trail full of nature’s beauty.

IMG_0101Most standard sleigh rides are about half an hour in length. Our comfortable sleigh comfortably seats 6 adults and up to 4 additional (smaller) children for up to 10 people on 3 padded velvet bench seats. The weight limit is 1400 pounds per ride. Thick blankets and warmers are provided for added comfort. Accompanying you for the ride is one of our fabulous tour guides to brighten your day and show the sleigh ride scavenger hunt. Background Christmas music and complementary jingle bells are also included. Gliding over the white snow in a cozy sleigh in a fun and friendly atmosphere is an experience you’re sure to enjoy.
Our sleigh is pulled by our beautiful team of Belgian draft horses. They are well trained, enjoy working, and being around people. They have pulled wagons, carriages, and sleighs in several hundred parades. Our horses are given meticulous loving care by our family.

Our Beautiful Horses

Horses can pull up to six times their weight and our Belgian draft horses weigh about 2000 pounds each. The weight of a sleigh and passengers is only a small fraction of the total pulling power of our team. Horses have been used throughout history as an effective method of transportation, especially before the invention of the automobile. Draft horses are gentle, reliable, very powerful and develop a relationship with their caretakers and are eager to serve.

181818_426079810794619_1084251068_nWe have some of the most friendly animals in the county. Our personable cow, “Bambi” loves giving and receiving attention. We also have miniature donkeys, sheep, chickens, and of course, horses. During the Christmas season we also have live nativity performances. Children under 75 pounds can enjoy fun rides on our miniature donkeys. Our candy cane cottage and snack shop is a great place to get a hot chocolate or snack and get warm.

Join us for a fun and unforgettable horse-drawn sleigh ride experience!